Press Release 02/26/21:

Duane Mark has released a brand new follow-up EP in his "Letters" set. Only one year after the full length album, the "A Letter To My ENEMIES" EP hits hard with 6 new songs grown from the more frustrating parts of life. If you enjoyed the "A Letter To My FRIENDS" full length record, you need to check out this new EP! Now available on all major streaming platforms.


Black Lung Lucy Have An Album On The Way

A man of booze, sin and redemption & his whiskey drinking devil woman. This is Mississippi's Black Lung Lucy, who are set to release their debut self titled album May 14th 2021. Even though this is their first official release the band is already grabbing listeners with their swamp blues vibes and deep lyrics.

The band comprises of vocalist Black Lung Lucy and guitarist D. Kosmo. They are master songwriters and musicians. Opening track 'Thousand Men', taken from the upcoming album is available now ahead of the full release. Stream it now on Bandcamp here, where you can also preorder the entire album. There's merch available to so grab yours now.


This is a beautifully crafted country-rock track with swinging drums and guitars. It features the raucous vocal of Black Lung Lucy's D. Kosmo, offset with the warm elegant tone of Jennifer Wilder. It's a great piece of narrative as well as music.


Black Lung Lucy's self titled album is out this May 14th! For now, stream 'Thousand Men' for free here: blacklunglucy.bandcamp.com/releases

May 22nd - Mark it down and get your tickets now!! This will be a socially distanced outdoor event. Only 150 seats available and when they're gone, they're gone. Rooster Fest featuring Laura Hamlin, Jim Bachmann and the Day Drinkers, The Cole Trains, Drew Cooper and the triumphant return of A Boy Named Sioux ABNS

Watch the new single of Rossella Scarlet

Rosella Scarlet

The Outsider Released in September 2020 on Go Country Records.
Reviewed on the 12th of February 2021.

The Outsider is the new album from the Country artist Rosella Scarlet and is a collaboration with another Country artist Cris Mantello who recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered the album and also plays various instruments on all but two of the tracks. There is also a guest appearance from Sean Mencher from the band High Noon who I am sure many of you would have heard of he plays lead guitar on the track “Now you’re gonna be loved” which he also wrote.
The album consists of 13 songs with 10 having been written by the artist herself and also 2 cover songs as well as the number written by Sean. It’s always great to hear some new material and also cover songs that mean a lot to the artist who brings something of themselves to the recording.
The musicians who play on these songs are:-
Cris Mantello- Electric guitar , Steel guitar, Dobro Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar.
Sean Mencher – Lead Guitar Track 9.
John Burke- Lead guitar track 11.
Pete Rawlings -Double Bass.
Mauro Florean-Drums.
Trumpet- Michele Pari.
Rosella Scarlet- Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals.

Having listened to this album it sounds and feels like a true Country album from the very first track you get the feeling that the lyrics are written with feeling and are from the heart and are real life experiences the way a Country song should be written about Heartache, lost love, Cheating love and painful goodbyes.

1.: The album kicks off with “The outsider” a reflection on a life of being different not following the herd and being withdrawn from the norm but a love of music being a constant companion through it all if that isn’t a Country song them I don’t know what is.

2.: “Don’t Say” is a great track I like the guitar and drums they work really well together with the Banjo picking away in the back ground makes this a true country song add the lyrics of failed promises and failed love and you have a hit.

3.: “My Man” takes the pace back down and describes a time of sadness and a painful goodbye and is the first track featuring the Steel guitar so far this album is great.

4.: is “I prefer to sing” and says just that Rosella prefers to sing to lift her spirits in this troubled time too right I say.

5.: is “Still right there” again a great track I love the guitar work from Cris I like the lyrics a story of a man waiting for his love to return I hope he’s still not waiting.

6.: “The only way I know” This album just keeps getting better I really like this song it could have been recorded by any of the great Country artists from back in the day well written and well performed awesome.

7.: “Not my song” The trumpet comes into play on this number and works really well alongside the guitar and drums giving it a taste of the Western films of the seventies.

8.: “I really Don’t care” A declaration of independence and freedom from the artist with a swinging style love it.

9.: “Now you’re gonna be loved” the track written by Sean Mencher and recorded as a duet this is great it would make a good single.

10.: “Dana Lee” A change of pace and style with this track it’s certainly more Rockabilly in my opinion which is great as far as I am concerned as it doesn’t lose that Country feel.

11.:” Guarda Che Luna” is the first cover on the album and is an Italian song written by Walter Malgoni and was released by the famous Fred Buscagliona in 1959 and features John Burke on guitar. I personally love it.

12.: “ I got to go” a tale of escape from an impossible love another song that sounds like a classic Country song Cris again is great on guitar and Mauro is a great drummer another really good track.

13.: The last and bonus track is a cover version of “Freight Train” and is a solo tribute from Rosella to the amazing Elizabeth Cotton composition. I know the song from the Nancy Whiskey and Chas Mcdevitt skiffle group who of course covered the original in the skiffle style. This cover from Rosella a return back to the original folk style and is a great number to finish the album.

I really enjoyed this album it’s a real traditional Country album not modern Country mind you but has the sound and feel of an record written and recorded back in the day. Rosella has written 10 great tracks and I really like her vocal style on this album the music is great obviously all of the guitar players on this album are very good and along with a tight rhythm section it sounds great. Cris does an awesome job in the studio bringing it all together. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this album to anyone who likes the original Country sound and is looking for a new artist to get into.

Track listings
1. The outsider.
2. Don’t’ say.
3. My Man
4. I prefer to sing.
5. Still right there.
6. The only way I know.
7. This is not my song.
8. I really don’t care.
9. Now you’re gonna be loved.
10. Dana Lee
11. Guarda Che Luna
12. Got to Go
13. Freight train

Reviewed by Tom Doel


line up for the fourth edition of The Roots in the Jar Online Music Festival, taking place the last weekend of march (Friday 26/03, Saturday 27/03 and Sunday 28/03).

Still waiting on a few bands that maybe will join this line up. 🤠🤘


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Artist: Tejon Street Corner Thieves
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Song: “Deal Rag”
Album: Stolen Goods
Release Date: May 7, 2021
Label: Liars Club

In Their Words: “‘The Deal Rag’ had been a staple in our band since day one. It’s upbeat and fun as hell to play! It’s about when deals go wrong and you end up in a bad situation. Something we’re all too familiar with. We love the ragtime swing and the and the washboard solo rips. This is the first song we decided to put on Stolen Goods. It really sets the pace for the whole album.” — Connor O’Neal, Tejon Street Corner Thieves

New release of Dallas Moore


A first song from my upcoming album will be released on February 5th, 2021. "I'll Never Get Well No More" is probably one of the precious songs from the record. As I recall, recording it was an intense process. I always crave for moments like this when I'm in the studio. But you hardly catch them. Those moments when you finish the take and immediately know you better call it a day because it won't get any better than that. Some friends joined me on this one, too. Moe and Ian Andrews, who I called up to sing on some other songs from the album, play kettledrums on this one. The marvelous production is – like on all the songs – by Henning Strandt. If you pre-save the song via your preferred digital music provider now, you won't miss it on its release day. 

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Black Lung Lucy has her album completed.  Check it out. Click on the link and listen to Thousand Men, one of her songs

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